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Annika Q.

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"I'd been a regular subscriber for about a year, and recently made the decision to go premium. 

Best. Decision. Of. My. Life.

Within 24 hours I'd received about 6 deals in my inbox and ended up scoring $500 round trip tickets to Paris.

 PREMIUM IS SO WORTH IT GUYS!!! Cut out one cup of coffee per month to afford it if you must. Before you know it, you could be drinking coffee on a beach in Columbia."

"Hands down the best $30 I have ever spent. Before I got the premium access I used the free emails to book a trip to Italy/Greece and then a trip to Haiti. After that I decided to go premium and have since booked Beijing, Canada, Zurich, and Germany. The deals are insane and with premium they keep coming and coming!

​Pomelo is the best service I've ever paid for. My only regret is that I didn't sign up sooner. They find the best deals, anytime of the year. I can't wait to spend Christmas in Germany and Switzerland!'

"Just bought round trip tickets for June from Portland, OR to Budapest, Hungary for $450. I am going to take three weeks to see parts of Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and maybe Slovakia if I have time. Tickets for the same days are now going for $1450-$1800. I bought the premium membership for $36 and saved $1,000 on flights to an area I've always wanted to visit! 

I'm so excited! I highly recommend this service."

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Past Deal: USA to New Zealand

$378 Round Trip

Normal Price: $1200 - $1400

Meet the Pomelo Team

It all started with a $96 round trip ticket to Hawaii

We've Traveled 75+ Countries Using These Techniques

In 2013, Pomelo Founder Chris Muhlestein inadvertently stumbled on a mistake fare: round trip tickets from his home airport of Salt Lake City to Honolulu, Hawaii for $96 round trip on Delta Airlines. 

Since that exciting discovery, Chris and the Pomelo Team have spent countless hours developing techniques that allowed them to book dozens of trips - to places like Bali, Australia, and Italy – all for under $450 round trip (and sometimes much lower!). We now search for cheap airfare departing from all over the United States, and want to share our love of cheap travel with you. 

Our cheap flight alerts are part of our mission to help you get off the well-worn path, and support rural communities.

"It pays to be premium. Just scored round trip tickets for two to the Grand Cayman for the price of the usual ONE ticket. DEALS!"

Daniel R., Pomelo Premium Subscriber

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Why do you do this?

"Two years ago I flew to Hawaii for $96 round trip. This year I flew to Bali for less than $400 round trip, and Oslo, Norway for $178 round trip. People keep asking me how I do it, so I decided to start sharing deals I find with all of you.”

-Chris Muhlestein

Founder, Pomelo Travel 

What makes this different than other cheap flight websites?

  • Only the best deals will make it to your inbox. We hate receiving emails from airlines notifying you of a sale only to realize that the sale only saves you $50. The deals we send are good.
  • We search diligently for unadvertised sales, mistake fares, and price wars. These are deals you probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise.
  • We don’t receive any commission for the deals we send out. We aren’t affiliated with any other airlines, online travel agencies, or websites. Why this matters: we are only motivated to help you get the best deal and help you book them. Often blogs or travel agents only send out deals from airlines or websites that are paying them, we search for all the deals.  
  • We care. We’re real people who love to travel and want to help you get out there for a decent price. We use the deals as much as anybody and are so excited when we hear you’ve booked your next trip because of these emails!


What kind of deals should I expect?

We send deals to destinations all over the world departing from the USA. Usually the deals save subscribers $500+ per ticket or 50% off regular prices – only the best deals will make it to your inbox. 

Will you send deals departing from my city?

We search for deals departing from every major airport in the US. One of the things that make us unique, though, is that we also search for deals departing out of smaller international airports. We’re excited to help you find a deal that saves you $500+ from the airport closest to where you live.

Of course, some airports have more deals than others. For example, If you live nearby huge hubs like LAX or JFK, you can expect more deals than if you live in Helena, Montana or Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the tricks is being flexible enough to realize that if an unbelievable deal comes up in LAX or JFK, you can always buy a cheap flight to one of the larger hubs and still make the international flight, saving you hundreds of dollars.

How do you alert us of the deals?

All of our deals are sent via email. It’s the most practical way to get all of the booking information to you – no login, just an email every time we find a deal. 

How many emails should I expect?

Premium subscribers can expect somewhere between 25 and 40 emails per month, depending on what deals we find. If you’re a free subscriber you’ll get a quarter of those deals. That said, this isn’t an automated service. We don’t send out deals unless they are great, so don’t expect us to meet some sort of artificial quota.

Do you offer domestic deals? (Deals traveling within the USA)

As of right now, we don’t offer domestic deals, but we are currently working on it and might start sending deals in the future! If you would like us to start, let us know! Send an email to

Can I get alerts to a specific destination on specific dates?  

We don’t have the ability to alert you when we find a deal to a specific location on specific dates – the requests would get overwhelming fast. With that said, we do send out a lot of alerts. No pressure on this, but your chances of finding something that could work for you are much higher if you subscribe to the premium email list.

As a premium subscriber you’ll get 75% more deals sent to your inbox. When you subscribe for only a few dollars a month you can customize what region you hope to depart from, narrowing things down a bit.

Are you going to spam my inbox?

No! We send only the best deals. We treat your inbox like we’d want ours treated: only good deals and the occasional tip or sale.

Free subscribers will sometimes get other Pomelo news and offers – but not often.

Do you send business class and first class ticket deals, or just economy?

Occasionally we’ll send a deal in Business Class or First class, but not often. Most deals are economy.

Airlines make mistakes? How?

Yeah, despite technological advances, there’s still room for error. A few years ago Chris, Pomelo’s Founder, flew to Hawaii for $7 because of a computer malfunction. Humans make mistakes, computer systems don’t work, and you get the reward: really cheap airline tickets every once and a while.

Premium - Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, your payments are secure. Payments are processed by Stripe using AES-256 encryption technology, which is trusted by companies like Adidas, Best Buy, Facebook, and many others.

Premium - How much could a premium subscription save me?

Many happy subscribers have emailed us to let us know a premium subscription has saved them hundreds of dollars! Read reviews here.


Premium - Can I cancel my premium subscription?

Yes, email us and let us know you would like to cancel at any time. During the first 30 days of your premium subscription we’ll give you 100% of your money back if you’re not happy with our service.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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