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Bagan, Myanmar

(Past Deal: $384 Round Trip)

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We're on the lookout for the best flight deals on the Internet! We have a few tricks, secret techniques, and years of travel experience that we want to share with you. Our team loves helping you travel on a budget. 

When we find an exceptional deal, we alert you quickly via email with complete booking instructions! You'll end up booking directly with the airlines or reputable booking sources like Google Flights, Priceline, and others.  Our deals are for departures all over the USA and Canada — even smaller hubs! 

On average, subscribers save $550+ per ticket on international travel!  That's $550+ in savings to spend on experiences, lodging, or to pocket for your next trip. Occasionally we send mistake fare alerts that save subscribers up to 90% on airfare!

Past Deal: US to Tahiti

$390 Round Trip

Normal Price: $1000 - $1200+

Matt. B

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Erica H.

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Camille C.

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"Amazing deal! I started getting the free service a month ago, then decided to buy the membership to get deals sooner. It was so worth it. Just booked Salt Lake City to Paris at Thanksgiving for $368 round trip. We’ve always wanted to go to the Christmas markets, but never thought we’d be able to afford it during Thanksgiving week. Thanks Pomelo!"

"I signed up for the free version of Pomelo a couple years ago. Then last week my husband and I decided we wanted to go somewhere unique this summer. We’re college students and have a tight budget but decided to pay for an annual subscription. We’ve gotten tons of flight alerts just in the last couple weeks and yesterday we bought round trip flights to Cape Verde, Africa for $555! We could have gotten them even cheaper if our dates were more flexible but we had specific days we were looking for. We still saved $1200+ on tickets! We are so excited and recommend Pomelo to anyone!"

"SUBSCRIBE NOW! I booked a $350 round trip ticket from Vegas to Honolulu for Aug 7-30! This is UNHEARD OF in the summertime. I'm so happy to go home after a long year at college. I'm not a premium subscriber, but my parents have been. We also went on an autumn trip to Osaka, Japan from Honolulu for $300-400 round trip last year because of Pomelo. It was amazing! Subscribe to their emails, even if you're not sure about going premium right away. I'm REALLY considering it now."

More than flight deals

Since 2014 Pomelo Travel has worked to support local community groups, NGO's, and other projects in Southeast Asia and around the world.  

We're bringing together a unique group of travelers that share our vision.  We'll help you get off the well-worn path, support rural communities, learn, and explore.

Live, for a change!

"I received a notification from Pomelo about cheap flights to Peru. We jumped on it as soon as possible and within an hour we had booked two round trip flights for $500 a piece out of SLC for May 2018. We had never seen prices that low. Because we found flights that were about $500 cheaper than we were originally expecting, we decided to put together a humanitarian project and do some good while we were there..."

McKlayne Marshall

Use Pomelo to help others

Meet The Pomelo Team

It all started with a $96 round trip ticket to Hawaii

We've Traveled 75+ Countries Using These Techniques

In 2013, Pomelo Founder Chris Muhlestein inadvertently stumbled on a mistake fare: round trip tickets from his home airport of Salt Lake City to Honolulu, Hawaii for $96 round trip on Delta Airlines. 

Since that exciting discovery, Chris and the Pomelo Team have spent countless hours developing techniques that allowed them to book dozens of trips - to places like Bali, Australia, and Italy – all for under $450 round trip (and sometimes much lower!). We now search for cheap airfare departing from all over the United States, and want to share our love of cheap travel with you. 

Our cheap flight alerts are part of our mission to help you get off the well-worn path, and support rural communities.

"Pomelo Travel is the best!!! They send e-mails that are informative and helpful with the exact information you need on booking your dream vacation! husband and I were able to act fast and book round trip tickets to Oahu for $309 per person!!!! We can't wait to go on our early 5 year anniversary celebration trip and can't thank Pomelo Travel enough for making this dream vacation come true for us!."

Liz B., Pomelo Subscriber

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