This year with all the craziness of the pandemic, the thought of an international trip seemed impossible. My wife and I have a tradition where we save up all of our extra funds and put it towards an out of country vacation to somewhere that we have never been before. It’s a huge motivator for us, and keeps us passionate about seeing other cultures.

Seeing new vistas

Due to covid I was put on active orders with the military and my wife lost her job. Between my busy schedule and the scramble to find employment we put the thought of our tradition on hold, until I came across an email about cheap tickets to Costa Rica. It wasn’t on our list of countries we planned to visit but after looking at pictures for an entire evening we decided to go for it!


The Lush Costa Rican Jungle

The wildlife blended in with the scenery

The trip was an incredible experience! Getting the chance to trek through the jungle, live with the locals and embrace the culture was completely life changing!


A beautiful secluded beach in Costa Rica

The breathtaking sunset!

We are so thankful we saw that email and didn’t let the pandemic stop us from creating new memories.

Kenny S., Free Subscriber