Many of you might notice our new branding and improved site functionality that we introduced this week. I wanted to take a moment to explain where we’re headed as a company, and thank you for following along.

It truly means so much to have your support.  We don’t say that in some sort of cliché, shallow way.  You following along as a subscriber keeps dinner on our tables, smiles on our faces, and the hopes and dreams of our company alive.

With the travel industry slowing down over the summer, we decided to put all of our efforts into making a better Pomelo Travel experience for you.  We’re really excited about what we’re building.

First and foremost, the values behind our company are influencing the decisions we make.

My ambition has always been to remove some of the barriers that keep people from taking their first international trip. In my mind, the right kind of travel can be one of the most transformative life experiences, and I want to give more people that opportunity.  I think we’ve done a great job removing some of the costs of international travel, but we can do more to help you have a life-changing experience when you arrive at a destination. The changes we roll out over the next few months will help.   

One of our company values is inviting change.  As travel is changing more rapidly than it has in decades, we’ve had to adjust.  More changes coming, but for now, enjoy these features:

  • Customize Your Account
    With 60+ international destinations open or opening soon, there are some great deals for 2021 international travel popping up.  If you haven’t already, you can customize your account by logging in here so that you only receive deals departing out of your home airport. We now service 101 departure airports — deals from your hometown hub are available!  If you’re a free subscriber, you’ll have to upgrade for this feature.
  • New! Coronavirus Travel Forecast
    It has become much more important not only to know where we can travel for a good price, but where we can travel at all. Our travel forecast will include the best available flight prices to newly opened countries, and the important information that you need to know before making international travel plans.  If you’re a free subscriber, upgrade your account to receive all of these important updates
  • New! Domestic Flight Deals
    With international travel all but ending this summer, we introduced domestic flight deals departing out of select airports. Login to your account to sign up for domestic deals departing out of the following airports: Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City (JFK), and Salt Lake City.

One last note on the new branding. We wanted branding that reflects our goals to support rural communities, and connect you with the people there. We have a long way to go for my dreams to be realized, but we’re getting closer.  We’re working to find a more sustainable pathway forward for our rural communities across the world (and specifically Southeast Asia), that are affected by tourism. 

We recognize that the combined forces of modernization and the increasing popularity of travel pose considerable threats to the rhythm and way of life that is essential in many rural communities. At Pomelo, we believe in traveling in a way that not only minimizes the negative impacts that travel can have on these communities but also celebrates and supports rural ways of life.

More to come.




Chris Muhlestein

Founder, Pomelo Travel