My husband and I have been on two trips thanks to Pomelo and we just booked our third.

We have been to Guatemala and just got back from Costa Rica and we are going to Spain in March. My husband lived in Guatemala for a couple of years doing service over there and built so many relationships so when he came back to the United States he felt like he lost some of his family because he grew to love the people there.

He always knew he was going to go back but it costs a lot and we didn’t have money to pay a ton for flights. That’s when we found Pomelo. We have always wanted to travel but the flights almost made it impossible with our budget. So long story short my hubs found a flight to the country he loves and I got to go fall in love with the people myself.

It was an experience that changed our relationship for the better. I understood the kindness and the type of humility a person gets after seeing others so happy with so much less. Costa Rica and Guatemala we’re both amazing in different ways, Guatemala helped me see the world in a better light but Costa Rica gave me an inner strength that I had been struggling with for a long time.

I have chronic anxiety that sometimes gets in the way of me living a life that seems fulfilling at times. In Costa Rica being in the middle of the jungle, with the love of my life I just felt so free and that I could conquer the world. That I could be the person I wanted to be without limitations.

And it was in Costa Rica that I skinny-dipped for the first time in a waterfall, in the jungle, without talking myself out of it. I felt free. I felt like the person I always admired and wanted to be more like. I felt like my world wasn’t going to explode even though I didn’t think of every possible outcome before making that choice. Costa Rica freed me from myself.

That experience changed me, I still have anxiety and that didn’t magically go away, but I found strength in myself that I didn’t know I had. Pomelo gave me and my husband experiences that were so amazing. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to have found a website to help us not only travel together and see the world but give us such a personal life-changing experience.

Thank you a million times.