Pomelo Travel found me my best friend.

A couple of months ago I received an email from pomelo travel. I never overlook those emails, especially not now because it had the words Rome, Italy for $300.

I thought it was too good to be true. BUT IT WASN’T. There it was right there SFO to Rome for $288!! Adrenaline shot
through my body. Italy has and always will be my dream vacation. The sights, the culture the FOOD. Who wouldn’t love it?

Well, that was my exact problem. I had nobody to go with. So I put my Instagram to good use and posted a story
asking somebody to buy the plane ticket and go with me. It was mostly a joke but I was secretly hoping somebody would take the plunge. And to my surprise somebody did.

A girl from my town who I had never met before but had seen at bars occasionally. She said the magic words “I’m so down” for the next 10 minutes I blacked out because not only did I purchase a ticket to Italy but I did it with a total stranger. We didn’t stay strangers for long as the trip planning was coming full speed.

We hit it off immediately and became inseparable. We are counting down the days till our trip happens 75 days to precise. We have no doubts in our heads that this will be the trip of a lifetime, all thanks to Pomelo Travel.