What is Coronavirus Travel Forecast?

 During this unprecedented time, travel has changed. Starting Wednesday (tomorrow) we will start sending special alerts notifying you about which countries are opening and how to get there.  We hope you enjoy them! 

It has become much more important not only to know where we can travel for a good price, but where we can travel at all. Our travel forecast will include best available flight prices to newly opened countries, and the important information that you need to know.  Upgrade your account below to receive all of these important updates:

What will each email include?

  • The best available flight prices to the country in question (these prices won’t always be amazing savings like a regular alert, but up to date prices within a newly opened destination)
  • The requirements that need to be met for U.S. citizens to enter a country
  • Essential information about when U.S. citizens can travel, from which states, what sites and attractions are open.
  • Current active cases within the country. We want our subscribers to make informed decisions about where to travel based on their own situation and personal levels of risk

Why are we sending these new emails?

At Pomelo Travel, we want to continue providing our subscribers the best service, even during changing times. One of our company values is to Invite Change. We know that change is part of living, and adapting our service to provide more value and to meet these changing times is something that we’re excited about.

Example Information:

Although this is just an announcement, and not an active forecast, below are examples of information that we might include in a Coronavirus Travel Forecast email for Costa Rica, including best available flight deals and up to date graphs on active cases within the country.

*Example Rates, not real rates*

The Future is Bright!

The future is bright here at Pomelo Travel, and we’re excited to show you more new things in the coming months. The world might be changing dynamically but we will continue to change alongside it. Keep following along, and if you haven’t already, update your account below to sign up for all of the alerts from the Coronavirus Travel Forecast. Safe travels!