Norwegian Glaciers

Pomelo gave me a heads up on flights to Norway at half the normal fare. I always wanted to go there to try to find a farm that was once owned by my family nine generations ago before they emigrated to America in 1839. My brother and I booked the tickets for us and our wives and away we went. We spent a couple days seeing the sites in Oslo then we embarked on an adventure that changed our lives.

We had very little information about the family farm other than that it was in the Telemark province near Tinn Lake. We had traveled by car several hours by the time we reached Tinn Lake.

Beautiful Towns

Norwegian Architecture

It was time for a break. We found a small store in the forest above the lake. The owner, Thor, was curious why four Americans were so far removed from the major tourist sites. We told him our story and in no time this chance encounter turned into a travel nugget. Thor was able to take our vague descriptions and direct us to the family farm. He even called ahead to make arrangements for our arrival.

Stunning Mountain Valleys

We arrived at the farm about 30 minutes after Thor’s call. There, we met Gjermund. After we told him our story and showed him pictures, we quickly realized that we were cousins nine generations removed. The family farm was stillin the family! We spent two days in the area learning about our family. Gjermund shared his home and family heirlooms dating back to the 1700s.

Rural Areas

He and another cousin invited us to a Norwegian dinner of reindeer, mushrooms and berries from the local forests, local cheeses and vegetables.We finished our trip touring Bergen, cruising on the fjords, fishing in one of Norway’s many lakes, hiking in the mountains, and touring the magnificent countryside of one on the world’s most beautiful countries. Thanks to Pomelo for helping make this trip happen!

-Gail D., Free Subscriber