We had been at dinner with friends one night and they had mentioned they wanted to go to Norway but the flights were always so expensive. The next day on Pomelo I saw them for $300 to Oslo and I gave my friend a call.

Our family actually decided to go as well and we had an amazing trip together. She actually died on Kilimanjaro last year so it was a blessing to have that trip together.

Our trip to Iceland was our last trip before the pandemic hit. It was a dreamy, dark trip with the most beautiful sites in the world.

We hiked, swam in every natural hot spring possible, saw the Northern Lights on more than one occasion, snorkeled in ice-cold water, and went ice caving.

We ended up buying a hot tub right after we got home because spending so much time in the hot springs brought so much good conversation with our children.

We talk about that trip all the time.