After a really hard break up, my best friend of 24 years and I decided to enroll in a Pomelo subscription for a good deal on flights to Europe. We got the deal one night and I woke her up at 6:30 am to book our $550 ROUNDTRIP tickets to Greece with layovers in Paris and Amsterdam!

A trip to Europe! I couldn’t believe it

It was a DREAM. Fast forward a year later, we used lots of the photos from this trip for a dating app and we both ended up meeting my fiancé and her husband through that same dating app! They both said the pictures from our trip stood out more than any other pictures they had ever seen and how cute we were 😂

Beautiful Historic Windmills

Photoshoots in Greece!

Pomelo doesn’t just get you AMAZING deals, but also amazing opportunities to travel to amazing places. I’m so thankful for Pomelo and all it has done for my life. We did the whole trip for under $1200 which is unheard of for a week in Europe. Thank you Pomelo! ❤️
Alyson C., Free Subscriber

Cheesin’ next to ancient ruins

Beautiful little walkways

Lovely seaside towns

Stunning flowerbeds