My wife and I had decided to pay for the premium version to plan for our honeymoon… once we did, we were immediately impressed by the deals in many parts of Europe. Then, one destination came up that we never heard of before. We thought the Cook Islands were in the Bahamas, but were delighted to find out they were in the South Pacific. Our trip was amazing, we spent 2 weeks soaking up the rich Polynesian culture, swimming/snorkeling in what seemed like real life aquariums, adventuring through off road buggy tours… all while eating the best food while surrounded by the most kind hearted people. Since then we have retained our subscription and have planned for more fun trips through the great deals on Pomelo! We are still in contact with families we met while on our trip, and are always telling our friends Pomelo is the best place to get deals on flights. Cheers!
Deano M., Premium Subscriber