Terra Ignota Magazine: Call for Entries

Submissions are open for Terra Ignota Issue #3!

The title of this issue Terra Ignota: Hora Sexta
Siesta takes inspiration from the latin phrase meaning “sixth hour” the traditional time of midday rest that still exists in many latin countries, contemporarily known as “siesta”. This time of midday rest, although often increasingly neglected in the modern mechanized world, is an important break from routine, a time of recharge, togetherness, sharing of food, music and culture. It’s also an important
reminder of the wisdom of the past, where often the rhythms of culture and tradition held more sway than the priorities of the modern age, with our emphasis on technology, efficiency, and economy, rather than on shared cultural experiences, physical interaction, and traditional ways of life. In the same way, we believe that travel can function as a break or a from our contemporary paradigms
and create a needed rupture in moribound thinking patterns and lifestyles. We all have an innate drive to seek solace, rest, grounding, peace, and ultimately balance in the world.

We’re looking for photos, poetry, art, and articles that explore this need for a break from orthodox ways
of thinking, living and experiencing the world.

The magazine will be split into three sections:
I: A section looking at the “roots” of travel: the travel of our ancestors, ancient travelers, and others in
the past.
II: A section on modern travel: how technology, efficiency, and economy has changed the way we
engage with the world around us, travel, and find rest.
III: A section on sustainable travel in this era, and how “Siesta” or slowing down can change how we
move about the world.

Submission period ends December 1, 2023!