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I’d been a regular subscriber for about a year, and recently made the decision to go premium. Best. Decision. Of. My. Life.

Annika Q.
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I just booked our first family international trip, thanks to Pomelo! The instructions were so clear and helpful and I knew they had my back if I had any questions. I really don’t think we ever would have booked this trip if I hadn’t gotten the Pomelo email about it.

Kelsey E.
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We wanted to take our two girls somewhere before they graduated from high school. We live in Hawaii so travel is often very expensive. We were thrilled when we found tickets to Paris for under $500! That was cheaper than flying to the mainland to visit family!

Elise Johnson,
Premium Subscriber, Saved $2,000+

I always find the greatest deals thanks to Pomelo. Using it I have flown to Iceland, Tahiti, Sweden, China, NYC, Thailand (twice), and Portugal. For all of these flights I only spent about $2,700 COMBINED! Every time I get an email from Pomelo my heart starts to beat faster lol I live for these emails…

Jeremiah T.

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 Honolulu, Hawaii

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“Two years ago I flew to Hawaii for $96 round trip. This year I flew to Bali for less than $400 round trip, and Oslo, Norway for $178 round trip. People kept asking me how I did it, so I decided to start sharing the deals that I found with all of you.”

– Chris Muhlestein
Founder, Pomelo Travel

  • Only the best deals will make it to your inbox. Just like you, we hate receiving emails from airlines that notify us of a sale only to realize that that the sale only saves travelers $50. The deals we send are good.
  • We search diligently for unadvertised sales, mistake fares, and price wars. These are deals you probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise.
  • We don’t receive any commission for the deals we send out. We aren’t affiliated with any other airlines, online travel agencies, or websites. Why this matters: we are only motivated to help you get the best deal and help you book them.
  • Often blogs or travel agents only send out deals from airlines or websites that are paying them, we search for all the deals.
  • We care. We’re real people who love to travel and want to help you get out there for a decent price. We use the deals as much as anybody and are so excited when we hear you’ve booked your next trip because of these emails!

We send deals to destinations all over the world departing from the USA. Usually the deals save subscribers $500+ per ticket or 50% off regular prices – only the best deals will make it to your inbox.

We search for deals departing from every major airport in the US. One of the things that sets us apart from other cheap flight websites, is that we also search for deals departing out of smaller international airports. We’re excited to help you find a deal that saves you $500+ from the airport closest to where you live.

Of course, some airports have more deals than others. For example, If you live nearby huge hubs like LAX or JFK, you can expect more deals than if you live in Helena, Montana or Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the tricks is being flexible enough to realize that if an unbelievable deal comes up in LAX or JFK, you can always buy a cheap flight to one of the larger hubs and still make an international flight, saving you hundreds of dollars.

All of our deals are sent via email. It’s the most practical way to get all of the booking information to you – no login, just an email every time we find a deal.

Premium subscribers can expect somewhere between 25-40 emails per month, depending on what deals we find. If you’re a free subscriber you’ll get a quarter of those deals. That said, this isn’t an automated service. We don’t send out deals unless they are great, so don’t expect us to meet some sort of artificial quota.

As of right now, we offer domestic deals to six select cities within the U.S., including: Los Angeles (LAX), Las Vegas (LAS), Salt Lake City (SLC), Denver (DEN), Chicago (ORD), and New York City (JFK). When you sign up for Pomelo Premium, you will get an email asking you if you would like to upgrade to receive domestic deals from any of these airports. If you are a free subscriber, you will not receive domestic deals. If you are already a Premium Subscriber and would like to upgrade to receive these domestic alerts, follow this link https://pomelotravel.com/domestic-flights/. We are currently working on adding more domestic cities to our list. If you would like us to start sending deals from your city, let us know! Send an email to [email protected] with new city requests or any other questions!

We don’t have the ability to alert you when we find a deal to a specific location on specific dates – the requests would get overwhelming fast. With that said, we do send out a lot of alerts. No pressure with this, but your chances of finding something that could work for you are much higher if you subscribe to the premium email list.

As a premium subscriber you’ll get 75% more deals sent to your inbox. When you subscribe for only a few dollars a month you can customize what region you hope to depart from, narrowing things down a bit.

No! We send only the best deals. We treat your inbox like we’d want ours treated: only good deals and the occasional tip or sale.

Free subscribers will sometimes get other Pomelo news and offers – but not often.

Occasionally we’ll send a deal in Business Class or First class, but not often. Most deals are economy.

Yeah, despite technological advances, there’s still room for error. A few years ago Chris, Pomelo’s Founder, flew to Hawaii for $7 because of a computer malfunction. Humans make mistakes, sometimes computer systems don’t work, and you get the reward: really cheap airline tickets every once and a while.

Yes, your payments are secure. Payments are processed by Stripe using AES-256 encryption technology, which is trusted by companies like Adidas, Best Buy, Facebook, and many others.

Many happy subscribers have emailed us to let us know that a Premium subscription has saved them hundreds of dollars! Read reviews here.

Yes, email us at this email: [email protected], and let us know if you would like to cancel at any time. During the first 30 days of your premium subscription we’ll give you 100% of your money back if you’re not happy with our service.