Pomelo Traveler Of The Year 2018

 "I am an avid world traveler and I exclusively find my flight deals through Pomelo Travel..."

Branson Maxwell, Premium Subscriber

Pomelo Traveler Of The Year 2018

Branson Maxwell

Two weeks touring the great Pyramids, scuba diving the Red Sea, and exploring the tombs/mummies in Egypt.

Editors note: After visiting 17 countries and saving $5000+ on flights, we were curious about Branson's story. We asked Branson several questions about his recent travels. 

Pomelo: Which country was your favorite in 2018?

Branson Maxwell: Indonesia. Because Bali is so unique! SE Asia is so affordable, adventurous, and beautiful in terms of nature.

Countries Visited Because Of Pomelo: Jan 19 Hawaii

Feb 15 Trinidad

Mar 11 Puerto Rico (*St. Lucia, Barbados, St Kitts, Antigua)

Mar 28 Egypt

May 27 France (*Italy, Monaco, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia)

Aug 1 Mexico 

Aug 21 Canada

Sep 18 Mexico 

Nov 27 Indonesia (*The Philippines) 

2019 - Jan 30 Finland (bought ticket through a flight alert in 2018 though)

*Countries backpacked through after arriving

Quick Facts About Branson:

Money Saved On Flights: $5000+

Pomelo: How many flights do you think you've taken in 2018 because of our alerts?

BM: I have taken 10 roundtrip flights in 2018 through Pomelo Travel alerts. Most have had a layover. All together I have taken 30 flights exactly this year.

Pomelo: How much money do you think you have saved on flights in 2018 because of Pomelo?

BM: I estimate between $400-$600 savings in each roundtrip flight I took (and I took 10 through Pomelo Travel) so I estimate about $5,000 in savings.

Pomelo: Do you have a favorite travel story from 2018?

BM: On my trip to Egypt (bought using Pomelo's flight alerts) we came across a friendly man selling us felafel on the street. He offered for us to come to his brothers wedding that day and said "everybody is welcome, it's a celebration". At first we laughed it off and thought there was no way we would accept the strangers invitation. Then while we were finishing our felafel sandwich my friend whispered "we should actually think about going, we have nothing to do tonight". 

Cut forward 4 hours and we were at an Egyptian wedding, danced our booty's off, were fed way too much food as they shoved it down our throats, and make some great friends. The best part was that the wedding was held at the The Colossi of Memnon! Which is a world famous landmark of two gigantic statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep. It was so fun to take an touristy, organized tour of the statues during the day and then watching it transform into a wedding venue full of life for the locals by night. I will never forget the music and laughter that the invitation gave us. 

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