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In the last 6 months, we have visited Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and Tonga. We have revisited and met new family. We promise ourselves that with the help of Pomelo travel we will go again, and not in 20 years… soon. I share this story and I share this service because it is amazing! Inexpensive! And life-changing! Love, love, love Pomelo Travel.

Shari V.
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Took my family to Australia and New Zealand for two weeks this past summer. What a great vacation that was!

Michael W.
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With two small children at home, it is difficult to find the time and money to travel. My husband and I were able to fly out of our tiny, local airport (Lincoln, NE) to Paris (with only one stop in Minneapolis) for $550/person! We used points for our hotel, so the whole trip was ridiculously inexpensive. We had a blast and I’ve been a devoted supporter ever since. Next May we’ll be heading to Amsterdam for a similar price. I am so happy I found you guys!

Melissa H.
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